Thursday, February 8, 2007

Some more pictures needed....

I have not figured out how to label the pictures that I add, so here some explanations to the pictures from the previous post:

1.Ava and the donkey ride

2. Male's daughter Hamsetou, Mirja's daughter Ava, and the rooster Daphne

3. Visit with Bebe's mother, the Tamashek Artisan

4. The rocks by Douentza, between Timkuktu and Mopti

5. Tellem village in Dogon Country

And then these pictures here:

1. Male on the ox cart

2.Male and Haike climbing up the cliff

3.Male, our chief, and the village chief, Dogon dance

4.Male, Ava, and Rana looking for Hippos

5.Male's daughter Hamsetou and his son Moustaphe (the carbon copy of his dad)

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